Why won't my hair grow?

Feel like no matter what you do your hair just doesn't grow? Here are some things to look out for...

Has your hair been at the same length for as long as you can remember? It just doesn't grow? Here are some tips to get those locks growing again:

Easiest way to see how much your hair is growing is if you color your hair, do you have roots? Then yes your hair is growing from the root but breaking at the ends. A lot of times people think if they leave their hair alone it will grow longer. Unfortunately avoiding hair cuts is what causes your hair to get shorter because the tears in your hair continue to run up the strand when they aren't cut off. Take a look at your hair.. Does it look like little tree branches with nobs on the ends and it is split and see through? Then your hair is breaking and getting shorter!

So how often should you be getting it cut? If you are maintaining long hair without breakage seasonally is a good rule (every 3 months). If your hair is breaking and not getting longer, every 6 weeks. Just a clean up, but it will stop the breakage and allow your hair to start actually growing. We offer a cutting technique that helps clean the edges of split ends so feel free to ask for it when booking your appointment. Also getting an in salon treatment during your hair cuts. Treatments in salon are stronger and can make a big difference!

So what else can cause split ends? Hot tools is a big one. Using hot tools too frequently can cause damage yes but more so old tools and cheap ones. Make sure if your tools aren't professional grade that they are no more than 2-3 years old. They break down after this amount of time. You can read more about this in our next 2017 Blog on Hot Tools.

Over coloring your hair can cause damage too, so make sure a professional is coloring your hair and don't overlap and reapply color to your ends when it is already breaking!

So how else can you fix this? Well here are some at home pointers..

*Get a hair mask and do a treatment once a week to repair and prevent further damage. Please follow the product instructions, leaving treatments on too long can actually cause more damage rather than help.

*Letting your hair air dry or using minimal hot tools to style, just remember going to sleep with a wet head can cause more breakage too as wet hair becomes stretchy like an elastic. So make sure to have it mostly dry or wash your hair during the day.

*Don't over wash, washing your hair too often can dry your hair out more. Read our July 2017 Blog on shampooing correctly.

*Vitamins, Biotin is a vitamin to aid in hair skin and nail growth and health. It can be found in the regular vitamin isle. This does make a noticeable difference!

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