How to wash your hair.. The correct way

Yes Seriously!

Ever washed your hair only to have it get greasy by the end of the night?

It could be your washing regimen.

We were taught growing up to shampoo then condition right? What about where to apply the product and how much to use? Let me explain!


Amount to use? Professional product lines about a quarter to a dollar coin size (why so small? professional shampoo is very concentrated so you don't need as much, kind of like your laundry detergent) Mass store brand shampoo will require more depending on how watery it is. If your hair doesn't lather the first time rinse and repeat (it may be a little dirty!)

Where to apply? Always lather shampoo and apply at the root first then work the remaining product down the hair shaft. Remember you are rinsing all the shampoo downward so the ends will get plenty of shampoo. Over washing the ends just causes your hair to get dryer. Apply by placing your hands in your hair at the scalp at the top, sides, middle, and nape of the neck pressing the shampoo onto your scalp and root. Then lather in a massaging motion all over your scalp. This allows you to get right to the root of the problem (your scalp is what sweats and produces oil.. Not your hair). Rinse throughly!


Amount to use? Start off with a quarter size and move up depending on hair length and thickness.

Where to apply? Start at the end of your hair and work your way up. If you have fine, thin, greasy prone hair do not apply to your scalp and rub in. The scalp already supplies the hair with natural oil, so unless you just bleached your hair focus on re-moisturizing your ends! Not applying conditioner directly to your roots and scalp will prevent your hair from getting greasy quick. When rinsing conditioner remember you don't have to rinse it squeaky clean. Leaving some in allows you to comb through your hair easier and protect it.

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